June 11,2019
YCU Held Symposium on Industry-Teaching-Research with High Technology Development Zone of Yanhu District
On the morning of 7 May, Yuncheng University held a symposium on Industry-Teaching-Research with the Administrative Committee of HTDZ (High Technology Development Zone) of Yanhu District. Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, Xue Yaowen, president of YCU, Huang Jieyu, vice President of YCU, and Lei Gang, director and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Administrative Committee of HTDZ attended the meeting, with leaders form administration office of YCU and department of cooperation and exchange present. The symposium was hosted by Yao Jihuan.
Yao firstly expressed warm welcome to Lei and his party and hoped that YCU and HTDZ could collaborate to develop a collaborative mode of university-corporate to help develop the local social and economic development through utilizing comprehensively the talents advantage of YCU and industry advantage of HTDZ, resolving the difficulties in management and production.
Lei Gang introduced the 3+1 industrial development structure of HTDZ: fostering CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited as the leading pharmacy enterprise, Shanxi Guoqiang Gaoke Limited as the leading equipment manufacturing enterprise, and Zhongci Group Corp as the leading new material manufacture enterprise. He hope that the cooperation with YCU would help solve the difficulties in technology and developmental planning through extensive exchanges and cooperation with YCU.
Xue Yaowen introduced the endemicity and application orientation of YCU, and the YCUí»s hard power in research on material science, life science, food science, mechanical engineering, and physics and electronic engineering, as well as the soft power in research of the culture, tourism and history of Hedong district, and the achievements of the cooperation between YCU and Yuncheng Science and Technology Bureau, Fruits Industry Bureau and Sports Bureau in the move of í░Hundred of Talents with Doctoral Degree Getting into Companiesí▒. He also hoped for HTDZí»s support in infrastructure construction as road building, preschool and elementary school education.
The symposium ended up in a friendly atmosphere and corresponding departments of both sides in cooperation and exchange are clearly stated, and the forthcoming a large lecture on optimizing corporate management later in this month was reserved.
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