September 1,2019
Volunteers from Yuncheng University Provide Services in the Second Chinese Youth Games

The Second National Youth Games of the People’s Republic of China was hosted by Shanxi Province, and the triathlon and taekwondo games were hosted in Yuncheng. 140 volunteers from Yuncheng University take part in the field service.
After training about games procedure, volunteers of YCU assisted the judges, event staff and technicians to complete the test event of taekwondo games from July 1 to 5, which prepared them well for the official competition. From August 2 to 5, 46 volunteers of YCU provided service for the triathlon games in Shengtianhu Ruicheng County, and completed their work with enthusiasm. Another 100 volunteers provided reception service in the airport, bus station and hotels as well as in the first, second check, taekwondo gears issue, lots drawing, chip scanning, security check, guidance, chip insertion and pull-out, declarer, timing, award presentation and doping control for the taekwondo games from August 2. Volunteers of YCU showed their spiritual outlook of university students in the new era to the players, audience and the games committee, which is a reflection of YCU’s motto of achievements on morality and YCU’ spirit of diligence, rigor, realism and innovation.
Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of YCU Zhang Fengqin attached great importance to the volunteer service and went to field to express her sincere solicitude on their accommodation and travel safety several times during the games. All the volunteers overcame the difficulties with a positive attitude and internalize the sportsmanship in their work, which gained appraisal. 140 volunteers grew from the service work and realized the nature of volunteerism, which will benefit them in their future development. 
Major media including Shanxi Youth Daily, Yuncheng Evening Newspaper, Yuncheng New (web), Consumer Daily (web) reported the volunteer work of YCU in the Games.

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