April 29,2010
Yuncheng University : 2010 ¡°Intellectual Property Protection Publicity Week ¡±
    April 26, 2010 is the tenth of the World Intellectual Property Day. It also marks that China has launched the 7th intellectual property rights protection week. From April 20 to April 26, circling around the theme ¡°creation, protection and development¡±, Dept. of science and technology starts a series of activities.
    By hanging the banners, making bulletin boards and handing out propaganda documents, the department introduces intellectual property knowledge. Zhao Xiangyuan, from intellectual property bureau of Yuncheng also gives a wonderful lecture on ¡°protect the intellectual property to speed up the local economy¡± .
    The activity deepens the understanding to the intellectual property and strengthens the awareness of protecting the intellectual property.
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