April 29,2010
Dr. Zhang Li Made a Report for Science Life Department Students
    On April 27, Ph.D. Zhang Li made a report¡ª¡ª ¡°The South of Shanxi and the Origin of Huaxia Civilization¡± for science life department students at 7 o¡¯clock in the evening. Secretary of party general branch of the department Chen Shuzhen and secretary of youth league general branch of the department Hou Yirong were also presented in the lecture.
    Zhang Li started from the origin of Chinese civilization, and got the conclusion that Hedong is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the south of Shanxi (Yuncheng city) is the theme park of Chinese civilization. The students presented were deeply impressed by Chinese civilization and at the same time they have got to know the important significance of the culture of the south of Shanxi to the origin of Huaxia civilization.
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