May 5,2010
Speech by Professor Wang Gang from Suzhou University
At 7:30 p.m., April 16th, Professor Wang gave an speech ˇ°Thoughts about How to Improve Martial Artsˇ± to Department of Physical Education. Deputy Dean Zhang Xinmin and Zhang Heshui, some teachers and 180 students listened to his lecture.
Under modern social background, Professor Wang discussed how to improve and develop Chinese martial arts very vividly from four aspects. First, the development of martial arts should be completed well. Second, people should think about how to build its developing system and make it come into effect. Third, the right to speak of Chinese martial arts should be found out from the choose of rejuventating it. Fourth, its national traits should be kept and its embedded value should be developed.
Finally, Professor Wang answered many questions in detail and exchanged ideas with teachers and students, and they did expand their views and benefit a lot from his report.
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