June 7,2010
Professor Wang Zhuomin Delivers an Academic Report
On the evening of 18th£¬May, at 7 o¡¯clock, vice-president Wang zhuomin offered a special report ¡°The Plan on School Work and Career¡± for students of Maths Department in classroom 2219 of eastern campus. It was sponsored by The Research Study Association. General Party secretary of the Department, Xin Jingqi. Vice-president Pan Maliang, vice-director Wang Jirong act and more than 200 students attended the lecture.
At first, vice-president Wang put forward the topic ¡°Break and Solve the Confusion, Sublimate Life¡±, which was connected with college students¡¯ study and life. Then he explained the reason of causing ¡°confusion¡± thoroughly and deeply, combining with his life experience. Thus, he reacted the conclusion that there are several key points for successful life: ¡°self-improvement¡±, ¡°self-realization¡±, ¡°self-appreciation¡±. It was his humorous teaching style that made students feel and realize the true essence of life in the relaxant and joyful atmosphere. At the end of the lecture, vice-president Wang posted three proposals: firstly, college students should master professional knowledge; secondly, college students should acquire study methodology; thirdly, college students should develop their qualities.
After the lecture, General Party Branch secretary of the Department, Xin Jingqi shared his feeling and realization with students. They reviewed the excellent report. First of all, everyone was confused with his life; secondly, our life is a process of breaking and solving confusion; thirdly, there are several EGOS should be come true for success.
The report pointed out for students not only the life direction in futur , but also encouragement to strive and enterprise, and strengthen our courage and confidence when we face confusions in life.(By Wang Shasha)
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