June 28,2010
An Academic Report By Professor Chen Yuming from Wilfrid Lauvier University of Canada
Professor Chen Yuming, PhD supervisor in Wilfrid Lauvier University of Canada, was invited to deliver an academic report about ˇ°The Application of Iterative Method in Biological Mathematicsˇ± in the Academic Lecture Hall of the new campus, chaired by Zhang Fengqin, Associate Dean Professor, at 10 o'clock on the June 3, 2010
Bio-mathematics is a science that studies the phenomena of life subjects by using mathematical tools in different areas of biology. The general approach is to build a mathematical model of the subjects and do a qualitative and quantitative research. Global attractivity is an important part in the stable theory of biological mathematics. Professor Chen Yuming briefly introduces the stability theory of the biological mathematical study and several common methods which prove the global attraction, and then leads to the iterative method, and presents how to use iterative method to prove global attractivity to the students through examples. After he finishes each issue, Professor Chen interacts with the audients initiatively and answers their questions. The positive interaction between students and Professor Chen not only makes teachers and students have a more profound understanding of the application of iterative method and also widen the researching minds of teachers.
 Professor Chen Yuming graduated from the department of mathematics of Peking University in 1991, received a master's degree in mathematics of Peking University in 1994, and got the Ph.D. in York University of Canada in 2000. He is currently teaching at the Wilfrid Lauvier University of Canada, as a professor of mathematics department and PhD supervisor. The main research areas of him are functional differential equations, mathematical biology, dynamical systems, and neural networks. Professor Chen hosts three projects of the Canadian National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) (complete two, in the study of one). Two of them are belong to the major projects in Canada (sub-projects). More than 60 of his articles were published in scientific papers, and 40 articles were contained by SCI.
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