December 21,2010
Professor Liang Jiguo from Ibaraki University in Japan to give an excellent report
College English Teaching Department and the International Institute invited Professor Liang Jiguo from Ibaraki University in Japan to give an excellent report in the 5110 classroom at 20:00 On September 8th, 2010, entitled "Comparison of Chinese and Japanese language and culture". The report was chaired by Wang Yingjie, the Dean of College English Teaching Department, and nearly two hundred students and teachers attended it. Professor Liang Jiguo, who studied Japanese language and literature at Heihongjiang University in 1977, and taught and did researches at Shanxi University and Suzhou University after graduation in 1980, studied literature for doctoral degree at Ibaraki University in Japan in 1985. Professor Liang Jiguo has been a professor of tenure at the National Ibaraki University since 1998. His research direction was Japanese Literature, Culture Study, Ancient Japanese Literature, Classical Chinese and Japanese Myths. So far, he has published five monographs and more than 40 professional papers. In report, Professor Liang Jiguo, both from the linguistic and cultural point of view, began the Chinese and Japanese culture with the personal pronoun "you" as an example, and combined a number of specific examples of Japanese culture, especially the philosophy of comparative study to illustrate the influence of language use on the different cultures, and pointed out that Sino-Japanese comparative study of language and culture would help the smooth progress of cross-cultural communication. Professor Liang's report was easy to understand, concise and brilliant, so his report won the applause from teachers and students from time to time. After the report, the students were eager to ask questions, and formed a good interaction. Wang spoke highly of Professor Liang's report and viewed it enlightening, of high academic value and meaningful for the comparative study of Japanese language and culture. It was also helpful for our teachers and students to understand the outside world.
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