March 14,2012
Guo Baozhu, researcher fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, came to our university for academic exchanges
An academic report with the title of ¡°On the Convergence of the Single Input and Single Output (SISO) Nonlinear Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC)¡± was given on our campus in the afternoon of March, 2. The reporter Guo Baozhu, who is a researcher fellow of the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, also communicated with some of the teachers and students from the Applied Mathematics Department. The report meeting was chaired by Zhang Fengqin, a vice president of our university.
Researcher fellow Guo Baozhu is a member of the ¡°One Hundred Talents Program¡± launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, and a PhD supervisor. He has been to French National Institute of Computer and Automation and the Holland University of Twente as a visiting scholar, and honorably enough, he has also got the position of a chair professor in the Computer and Applied Mathematics College of South University of Witwatersrand. He is now dedicated himself to the research of the control theory. For three times Prof. Guo has presided State Natural Sciences Fund projects, and he has also participated in the ¡°Climbing Plan¡± program held by the State Science and Technology Ministry and a State Natural Sciences Fund Committee (SNSFC) project named ¡°Group Fund¡±. Meantime, a team member of the ¡°International Team on Complex Systems¡± as he is, Guo has been in charge of an African National Research Foundation project. Up to now, he has published nearly 110 papers in such magazines as ¡°National Applied Mathematics¡±, ¡°Control Theory¡±, etc. His major works include a book which is published in the German Springer Verlag Press and a book written in Chinese.
Within his report, Prof.Guo made an introduction to the Active Disturbance Rejection Control, a new technology on control, which has a natural robustness against uncertainty, relying almost on no mathematical models of system. This technology is said to be widely applicable in many industrial systems, such as motion control, network stress regulation, chemical process, and so on. Prof. Guo made his report greatly reliable by giving strict proofs on the stability, interference suppression and tracking control convergence of the SISO Nonlinear ADRC. He also proved the result of this theory by making numerical simulations.
The report given by Prof. Guo was easy and enjoyable to listen to, for he used vivid metaphors to explain complex and obscure expertise, so that the teachers and students present there were able to have a further understanding of the theoretical principles and researching findings of the ADRC. At the end of the report, Prof. Guo patiently answered some teachers¡¯ questions about the application of State Natural Sciences Fund projects.
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