June 7,2012
Professor Li Chengzhi from Peking University Gives Academic Lectures in Our University

From April 7 to 8, Professor Li Chengzhi from the School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University delivered a series of academic lectures entitled On the Branching Problem of Dynamical Systems for the teachers from the Department of Applied Mathematics in our university on the invitation of Vice- president Zhang Fengqin.

Professor Li Chengzhi is a famous scholar of the Differential Dynamical System field in our country. During the two days, Professor Li explained the branching problem of dynamical systems vividly and comprehensively, and centered around the three topics of “the structural stability and branches of dynamical system, the common branching problem and the B-T branch. The nearly 70-year-old professor made the abstract and difficult math concepts and theories easy to understand with his passionate lecturing style and vivid examples. And the planed two-hour lecture always lasted for almost three hours each time. Meanwhile, Professor Li exchanged ideas on undergraduate teaching and how to do research with all the present teachers in depth.

Professor Lis lecture not only have broadened our teachers research eye-sight, but also have laid a good foundation for them to develop scientific research in depth and set up good examples for them to do well in teaching.

Professor Li Chengzhi was in charge of three NFSC projects with one key project among them. Whats more, he was once awarded the title of “Chinese Doctor with Outstanding Contributions by the State Education Commission and the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council. And he also won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress and the first prize of Excellent Teaching Material set up by the Ministry of Education. At the same time, he was also an editorial board member of magazines Advances in Mathematics, Annals of Differential Equations and Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems.

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