November 8,2012
Prof. Lu Kang¡¯er Came to Give a Lecture on Our Campus
It was 2:20 p.m of October 23, 2012. No. 2317 classroom of the East Campus of Yuncheng University was packed out with the staff from the Department of Music and more than 200 students who major in musicology and music education. Poised at their seats, they were waiting eagerly to be given a lecture. And the lecturer was, Lu Kang¡¯er.
Lu Kang¡¯er, Professor and a Master¡¯s Supervisor of the Music College of Shaanxi Normal University, a member of the Chinese Musicians¡¯ Association, a council member of Shaanxi Music Education Association for Higher Education, a council member of Xi¡¯an Music Education Association. Undoubtedly, these titular names added to the appeal of the lecture.      
At 2:30, applauses broke out when Prof. Lu Kang¡¯er walked in slow but firm steps to the platform, and on time the lecture began. Focused on the issue of ¡° The Music Teachers¡¯ Career Development¡±, Prof. Lu Kang¡¯er gave her lecture from the following four aspects: the fundamental concept of pedagogics in music subject, an outline of the development of pedagogics in music subject, the status quo of the reforms in the field of musical pedagogics and the music teachers¡¯ career development. The lecture given by Prof. Lu was easy and enjoyable to listen to, for she explained her points in a vivid manner and theories were well integrated with practice. Teachers and students present there all got lost in their inspirations.
When the lecture came to an end, the audiences, to pay great gratitude to Prof. Lu, rose bodily and rounds of applauses continued for a long time.
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