December 10,2012
A Series of Lectures on Humanistic Quality Education were Given Good Play on Our Campus
On the afternoon of November 6, Prof. Li An¡¯gang was invited to give a lecture on humanistic quality education, which is entitled ¡°The Chinese Wisdom and the Profound understanding of ¡®Journey to the West¡¯ ¡± in the No.1 Lecture Hall of the Grand Hedong Hall. More than 300 students from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature attended the lecture. It was the second time that Prof.Li had been invited to give a lecture in our university after his first lecture ¡°The Four Great Classics and Life Management¡±.
Prof. Li explained ¡°Journey to the West¡± from such aspects as the author, themes, research methods and so on. He expanded his interpretations from the perspectives of pure literature to multi-level subjects, from the philosophy of All Truth Religion, human science, Yin-yang and Five elements theory to traditional Chinese meridians, digging deep to see its profound cultural connotation. To better understand the themes of ¡°Journey to the West¡±, Prof. Li illustrated with humorous language the four pillars: outlook on life, world outlook, outlook on heaven and man, the life theory and the theory that ¡°human is an integral part of nature¡±. He held that ¡°Journey to the West¡± is the natural carrier of the oriental traditional culture in the history of world literature. Prof. Li also put forward his unique insights like ¡°Wu Cheng¡¯en is not the author of ¡®Journey to the West¡¯¡±, ¡°¡®The Dual Cultivation of Mind and Body and All Gods Humanity¡¯, the classic of Chinese Taoism and All Truth Religion, is the prototype¡±, which broke students¡¯ traditional understandings of  ¡°Journey to the West¡±. Meanwhile, he employed a large amount of proofs to support his opinions, which greatly impressed the students present there and were readily accepted.
When he made his explanations, Prof. Li connected the characters in ¡°Journey to the West¡± with Hedong culture and Hedong celebrities, which effectively enhanced the students¡¯ emotional bonds with the regional culture. Moreover, Prof. Li also encouraged the students to become good thinkers, to foster the abilities to go through difficulties and to tolerate loneliness. In the following section of interactions, Prof. Li patiently answered the students¡¯ questions about the routine to the West. Fully occupied and in heated atmosphere, the lecture hall echoed with rounds of applauses.
The key importance of this lecture lies in that on the one hand, it drives students to reread Chinese classics, expands their cultural view and better inherits Chinese excellent traditional culture; on the other hand, it broadens students¡¯ thinking on study and research and points out new research methods to students.
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