June 22,2013
Wang Lin, the Certified Specialist Professor of the ¡°One Hundred Talents Program¡±, Came to Our Campus for Work Exchanges
Wang Lin, one of the high-level overseas talents included in our university¡¯s ¡°bringing-in plan¡± and the certified specialist professor of the ¡°One Hundred Talents Program¡± of Shanxi Province came to our campus for work exchanges.
At 7 p.m., 23rd, in No.5303 classroom of the old campus, Prof. Wang Lin delivered his academic report to the research team specialized in differential equation of the applied mathematics subject, and after that he made in-depth communications with them. Before Prof. Wang Lin gave the report, Vice President Zhang Fengqin, on behalf of our university, extended a warm welcome to him and issued him the Shanxi Province Certified Specialist Document. The academic report Prof. Wang made was entitled ¡°An Immunosuppressive Infection Model: Mathematical Theory and Biological Implications¡±, and he also introduced his latest research findings.
At the end of the report, Prof. Wang, associating with his own research subjects and the projects he coordinated with our university, put forward many conductive assumptions or subjects to the audience research team members, which will provide the team with good trains of thought to carry out scientific research and undoubtedly improve the overall research level of the subject.
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