April 29,2014
Rokar Natalia, the White Russian Pianist and Educationalist Came to the Department of Music
At 19: 30 of September 22th, the piano concert given by the White Russian pianist and educationalist Rokar Natalia officially began in the concert hall of the Department of Music. Deputy Director Yang Yongbin addressed the evening party.
A well-known pianist and educationalist in White Russia, one of the Russian judges of AXA Dublin International Piano Competition, Rokar Natalia got her doctor¡¯s degree in the National Conservatory of Music in Minsk. For many times, she has been awarded the Certificate for Prominent Teacher, and many of her students have got prizes in international piano competitions.
With the first movement of Haydn sonata HOB.XVI/52, the concert raised the curtain. Rokar¡¯s favourite students Wang Xingye, Li Ningshi, Zeng Dailin, Bi Zheliang played separately Chopin Scherzo OP31, Bach Prelude and fugue in C minor, No.15 Hungarian Rhapsody. Professor Rokar Natalia played No.6 and No.7 Chopin Waltz, the first movement of sonata in C major, etc, altogether 15 works. During the concert, climaxes appeared repeatly, and the audience students seemed to be lost in the world of music. At last, a brilliant close was drawn with Professor Rokar¡¯s performance of Liszt¡¯s Hungarian Rhapsody.
To the students of the Department of Music, Professor Rokar Natalia¡¯s musical tour here is not only a splendid audio-visual feast but an opportunity to receive professional intructions. And what is better, it will surely promote the teaching and learning of the Department of Music. 
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