April 29,2014
Wang Xilan, a Member of the Chinese Writers Assocaition and Former Vice-chairman of Provincial Literary Federation, Gives the Beginning Lecture in the Moral Letural Hall of Yuncheng University
"Loyalty and faith are two words bonding the Chinese sons and daughters together, and The Spring and Autumn Period is the book giving the most true presentation of the Chinese ethos." To advance and enrich the fine cutural heritage of China, and to breed and practice the socialist core values, Wang Xillan, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, former Vice-chairman of Shanxi Literary Federation, a Contract Research Fellow of the Guandi Temple of the Hai State, a first-level writer, was invited to give the first lecture for the year of 2014 in the Moral Lecture Hall of Yuncheng University on April 8th. His lecture was titled "Kuan Kung's Belief and its Contemporary Values".
The city of Yuncheng is the hometown of the famous historical figure Kuan Kung. Situated in the "Golden Triangle of the Yellow River" among Jin(Shanxi Province), Qin(Shananxi Province) and Yu(Henan Province), it has great region advantages and historical and cultural heritage. In the history, Kuan Kung's loyal, faithful, kind and courageous image has long been filtered into people's mind. Yuncheng University, the only univeristy which is situated on Kuan Kung's homeland, has always held the school motto of "Moral comes first, and strive to amount to something". In a sense, it is derived from the spiritual essence practiced by Kuan Kung.
Mr. Wang began his lecture with the question "why should we still worship Kuan Kung" and then went straight to the main theme. He presented to us a true image of Kuan Kung by giving it a comprehensive introduction and analysis of Kuan Kung's admiralbe qualities from the following eight perspectives: being faithful, loyal, kind, courageous, honest, keeping his words, standing on ceremony and witty. He put it as a key point to give a rational analysis of the image of Kuan Kung, to grasp his spiritual essence and to get rid of cultural prejudices and superstitions. He pointed out that:  "Even today with civilization fully developed, there are still many problems to be solved, such as people's various degree's confusions on political beliefs, the tendency to put more emphasis on material pursuit, vulgar cutural taste, secular and utilitarian spiritual pursuits, etc, and these problems are now challenging traditional moral bottomline. Therefore, we should inherit and advance the Kuan Kung-type ethos,  drawing spiritual nutritions from traditional moral soils to carry out moral reconstruction. We should take it as the foremost to keep our words, to help the poor and troubled, to be sincere to others, never hesitate to do what is right, to be loyal to our county, to be kind to fellowmen, to be faithful to friends, to be courageous to fight against enemies. And we should combine the most common Chinese cultural identifications with national moral principles and contemporary moral principles to breed and practice socialist core values.
The lecture touched the hearts of the students present so much that rounds of applauses roared in the Lecture Hall. After the lecture, Mr. Wang also had warm interations with the audience students.
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