September 16,2014
Our University Sincerely Invites Prof.Zhang Zhensun, Expert of Career Planning and Guidence to Give Lectures
On May 19th and 20th, Zhang Zhensun, Vice President of Qiqihaer Engineering College and Executive Dean of Sanya City College, was specially invited by the Department of Admission and Distribution to give lectures on career planning and guidence. Leaders, counsellors and students from different departments actively participated in this activity.
At 2:30 p.m of May 19th, in the multifunctional hall of the Department of Admission and Distribution, Prof. Zhang gave a lecture with the title of ¡°Career Planning and Guidence Work of Employment¡±. His views on such topics as carreer planning,, innovation of college student work and construction of integrated career educational system were original, and he also cited wonderful cases to prove them, which made the audience teachers feel greatly benefited. At 7:00 p.m, the theme lecture of ¡°From a Campus Guy to a Professional¡±was given as scheduled in No.2 lecture hall of Grand Hedong Hall. Prof. Zhang¡¯s witted, humorous style of speaking and his clear-cut, profound views were a great and delightful shock to the audience students. The atmosphere of the scene were lively, and rounds of applauses were heard in the lecture hall. At 8:00 a.m of May 20th, Prof. Zhang, who spared no effort, offered to attend the teaching and research activities of emoloyment guidence course. At the meeting, Prof. Zhang put forward such teaching system constructions as ¡°localization, campusation and individualization of curriculum¡±, ¡°activation of curriculum¡±, ¡°curriculum activation¡± etc. He also made positive and in-depth interactions and exchanges with the classroom teachers, and as for the teaching roadmap of career-guidence modularization, he also gave his constructive suggestions.
The success of this activity have made substantive changes in teachers¡¯wide-ranging eduactive views and have given an active impetus to students¡¯further career planning and our university¡¯s teaching roadmap work of career-guidence modularization.
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