October 17,2014
Academician Ouyang Ziyuan delivered an academic report
On September 28, 19:00, academician Ouyang Ziyuan was invited to visit Yuncheng University and delivered an academic lecture in the Grand Hedong Hall. Academician Ouyang Ziyuan is the chief scientist of China¡¯s lunar exploration project, known as ¡°the father of Chang¡¯e¡±. The report was entitled ¡°China¡¯s lunar dream¡±. Principle Yao Jihuan attended and presided over the report.‍
Mr. Ouyang is a famous celestial chemistry and geochemist, a researcher in Institute of Geochemistry as well as a senior adviser at the National Astronomical Observatories in Chinese Academy of Sciences; he is also the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, an academician in TWAS£¨The Third World Academy of Sciences£©, an academician in the International Academy of Astronautics. Since 1958, Mr. Ouyang systematically carried out types of research of extraterrestrial material, lunar science, comparative planetary science and astrophysics research, and made a series of innovative achievements. He is the pioneer of celestial chemistry. For the past two decades, he mainly engaged in the near-term and long-term planning formulation for China¡¯s lunar and solar system exploration; he designed the scientific objective and load configuration for the first lunar probe; he also designed the program and scientific objective for the second and third lunar probe. He is the first and chief scientist of Chinese lunar exploration project, now the senior adviser of the lunar exploration leading group.‍
Academician Ouyang Ziyuan gave a vivid and exciting explication around the topics of ¡°origin of the Moon¡±, ¡°the real Moon¡±, ¡° the fortune and misfortune for small objects hit the Earth¡±, ¡°the first human lunar exploration climax¡±, ¡°why human return to the Moon¡± etc. He pointed out that nowadays a lot of countries vigorously explored the Moon; it is because of the special environment of the Moon, and Moon¡¯s important military-strategic position, rich mineral resources, vast prospects of energy development and utilization. Subsequently, Academician Ouyang reviewed the initial Chinese lunar exploration project with detailed charts, data and other information in a popular and easy-to-understand way for the teachers and students. Combined with Chang-e I¡¯s detection results, Chang-e II¡¯s mission and expand testing, Chang-e III and the subsequent development of Chang-e project, he introduced the development strategy and long-term planning of China¡¯s lunar exploration project. After that, he talked about the initial idea of China¡¯s deep space exploration and outlined a grand blueprint which includes the exploration of Mars, Sun, Asteroid, Venus, Jupiter and satellite etc.. He expressed the dream of ¡°Chinese want to fly more far¡±. He also encouraged the students to develop the fine tradition of self-reliance and hard work, study diligently and serve the country, contribute efforts to the development of China¡¯s aerospace industry and Chinese nation¡¯s winning in the future era¡¯s space competition.‍
Principle Yao Jihuan summarized the report and inspired the students to love science, learn science and explore science. He encouraged students to follow the example of academician Ouyang Ziyuan, to explore the mysteries of space and climb the heights of science. Finally, he sincerely welcomed academician Ouyang to visit our University again.
This report enhanced teachers and students¡¯ understanding of human spaceflight activities and the ¡°Chang E¡± project, inspired their enthusiasm for the universe and space exploration. The report was also a lively patriotic education.
Discipline committee secretary Liu Ziqiang, students affairs apartment minister Dong Weizheng as well as more than 500 students attended and listened to the lecture.‍
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