December 26,2014
Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor Hao Jingcheng Delivers an Academic Report
Professor Hao Jingcheng is the Dean of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Shandong University; he is also the director of the Colloid and Interface Laboratory¡ªa key laboratory of Education Ministry, a Cheung Kong Scholar and PhD supervisor. Recently, he was invited to deliver an academic report entitled ¡°surfactant solution lamellar phase and viscoelastic gel¡± in Grand Hedong Hall of Yuncheng University. The report was chaired by Professor Gong Qiaojuan, the Dean of Department of Applied Chemistry. Nearly 300 teachers and students listened to the report. At the beginning of the report, Professor Hao introduced Shandong University ( a 985 university)¡¯s  the cultural landscape and university characteristics, and invited students from Applied Chemistry Department of Yuncheng University to apply for postgraduate qualifying examination of Shandong University.‍
The report mainly involved three aspects. First, Professor Hao Jingcheng briefly introduced the basic concepts of the surfactant solution lamellar phase, then using detailed data he showed the main content of this research field in a simple way; in addition, Professor Hao also classified the research progress of surfactant viscoelastic gel.‍
Professor Hao Jingcheng highlighted the important position of self-assembly in today¡¯s chemical research. He mentioned that in July 2005 Science presented key scientific issues to be solved in the 21st century; the chemical assembly is one of the 25 major scientific issues. Self-assembly is an important means to create new material. When the colloidal particle size is between 100 nm to 1 um, and matches the visible light wavelength, it is the best building primitive for self-assembly functional material. Surfactant aggregates assembled gel is the core research model.‍
After that, Professor Hao introduced the guiding ideology of viscoelastic gel research lied in the theoretical level. The theories included the following: designing amphiphilic molecules in response to temperature, pH, light and the outside shear stress; studying the phase behavior of solution, the rule of gel formation, the formation of covalent bonds and the viscoelastic rheological properties in the assembly process, all of which can be taken as a study guide to build a single or more responsive viscoelastic gel system. Professor Hao encouraged students that doing research was a process from never being recognized to being recognized. At first, perhaps your efforts are not recognized, but you must adhere to. Because only by sticking to the end, it can prove that you are right or wrong. Once drop out, you will never have the chance to know the truth.‍
After the report, Professor Hao communicated with each present teacher on their respective research issue, and exchanged their views and suggestions. The participants also conducted in-depth discussions with Professor Hao on some cutting-edge issues of surfactant solution lamellar phase and viscoelastic gel. In addition, they also exchanged views on self-assembly and some mutual interest hot issues. Through discussions, Professor Hao and the present teachers proposed their opinions on the chemical forefront hot issues. The communication achieved a good academic exchange. The teachers and students from Department of Applied chemistry benefited a lot from the report.‍
During Professor Hao Jingcheng¡¯s visit, he conducted an extensive guidance and exchange on Applied Chemistry Department¡¯s professional settings, laboratory construction, teacher echelon training, research cooperation and exchanges and many other aspects. It laid a solid foundation to further improve all aspects of work in Applied Chemistry Department.‍
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