April 20,2015
Former Battalion Chief of Honor Guards of the three-service, Vice Chief of Staff of Beijing Garrison Command Cheng Zhiqiang was Invited to Give a Report in Yuncheng University
In the afternoon of April 9, former battalion chief of honor guards of the three-service of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, vice chief of staff of Beijing garrison command, incumbent president of Beijing Yuquan Painting and Calligraphy Institute Cheng Zhiqiang was invited to give a report entitled "Dedicated to the Ceremonial Career, Aim to Win Honor for the Country" for more than 500 teachers and students at No. 3 lecture hall of Hedong Auditorium at 14:30.  This report was chaired by Liu Ziqiang, the member of the party committee and secretary of commission.
At the beginning of the report, Cheng Zhiqiang introduced the history of formation of honor guards of the three-service, so that the audience would have a better recognition of this special army.  Then, he told his experience of military service.  He joined the army in December 1973.  Through his own efforts, he was promoted from a soldier to battalion chief of honor guards of the three-service.  He strived to fulfill a transformation in life.  He was standard-bearer on the National Day Parade of the 35th anniversary of the founding of New China.  During 30 years of his ceremonial career, he accomplished his tasks excellently, such as raising the flag on handover ceremony of the return of Hong Kong and Macau, directing and performing "Hitting Fou and Singing" on Olympic opening ceremony in 2008, holding the post of deputy chief commander of unarmed square team on the National Day Parade of the 60th anniversary in 2009.  The honor guards of the three-service leaded by him was awarded "military model" title of honor by Central Military Commission and personal first-class and second-class merit citation for one time respectively and third-class merit citation for nine times.
He put his personal emotion aside and dedicated his youth to ceremonial career and national diplomacy.  He insisted on learning and kept the faith of "determined to learn and never stop".  He believed in leading troops with knowledge, science and honest.  He created cross-shaped and four steps queue training methods; he also achieved great accomplishments on painting and calligraphy and poetry, and created many practical songs of guard of honor.  He gave the calligraphy "Li De You Wei" in his own handwriting as a present on the report.  The audiences were impressed by the experience of Mr. Cheng and gave continuous applause.  Although Mr. Cheng devoted his whole life to the country, he never neglected his family.  He expressed his love for family through every little thing and made a perfect balance between family and career.  At last, he wished that all the teachers and students could keep leaning, respect knowledge, inherit excellent traditional culture and release fervent love for the country.
Secretary Liu encouraged us to learn the merits and spirit of Mr. Cheng and treat him as our model in study, life and work.  We should implement the education of patriotism and proactively practice socialist core values.
On the morning of the same day, Cheng Zhiqiang made a donation to our library and vice president Zhang Fengqin was present at the ceremony and extended thanks to Mr. Cheng.  Later that day, Mr. Cheng exchanged with more than 40 student leaders on the significance of the 70th anniversary parade of anti-fascist, training movement of the members of flag raising ceremony and how to deal with the relationship between work and family.  He also gave field guidance on training method of flag guard of our university.
The report received enthusiastic responses.  Many students asked for the signature of Mr. Cheng at the gate of auditorium.  One student said in the interview of student reporter: "I like Mr. Cheng's toughness and his attitude towards leaning, as well as his emotion of "family-country".  This is a vivid and touching patriotic education class." 
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