December 11,2015
The Seminar of Optimization Model and Arithmetic under the Background of Big Data Convened in Yuncheng University
The seminar of optimization model and arithmetic under the background of big data jointly hosted by Yuncheng University, Institute of Mathematical Sciences of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and big data mining and knowledge management key laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences was convened in Yuncheng University.  More than 50 well-known specialists and scholars from 14 colleges and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southern Illinois University, Xidian University, Shandong University of Science and Technology and Dalian University of Technology attended the seminar.  The seminar was hosted by vice director of Department of Applied Mathematics Hu Yunhong.  Vice-president Zhang Fengqin gave a welcome address and Professor Guo Tiande of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences made an important speech.  Young teachers and students from Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Computer Science and Technology participated in the meeting.
The keynote lecture ˇ°Recent Advances in Trust Region Algorithmsˇ± from Academician Yuan Yaxiang of Chinese Academy of Sciences opened the discussion and communication of the seminar.  In the next two days, specialists have discussed big data processing problems encountered in the fields of economy, information, computer and management and clarified development trend of big data in these scientific researches.  They also exchanged views on research outcomes and frontier issues of optimization model and arithmetic under the background of big data at home and abroad.  The interaction of ideas from different fields inspired new perspectives and new orientation of big data research. 
The discussion and communication made teachers and students learn academic frontiers of big data research and development and appreciate profound knowledge and academic accomplishments of mathematicians.  This seminar broadened the horizons of participants and enhanced their friendship, and more importantly, it provided an excellent platform for deeper and more extensive cooperation. 
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