October 29,2015
Academician Yuan Yaxiang of CAS Was Invited to Give an Academic Report in Yuncheng University

In the afternoon of September 16, academician Yuan Yaxiang of CAS was invited to give an academic report under the title of ¡°Climbing the Mountain blindly to Optimization¡± in Hedong Auditorium.  Professor Zhang Fengqin, who was also the vice-president of Yuncheng University, chaired the meeting.  Teachers of Department of Applied Mathematics and students representatives took part in the meeting.

Yuan Yaxiang, who is the researcher of Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences of CAS, academician of CAS, communication academician of Brazilian Academy of Sciences, has graduated from Department of Mathematics of Xiangtan University and later won doctor degree in University of Cambridge.  He is now vice president of IFORS, president of APORS, the member of SIAM and AMS.  Academician Yuan Yaxiang has long worked on operational research and has made systematic achievements in the fields of nonlinear optimization method, trust region method, quasi-Newton method, nonlinear conjugate gradients method.  He found an optimum theorem to the famous Celis-Dennis-Tapia; he proposed decline estimation of Steihaug-Toint method and come up with a perfect solution; he put forward trust region method could be optimized by constraint of smooth evaluation function with his supervisor Powell; he also independently raised a trust region method using infinite norm penalty function, which was popularized to integer programming by foreign scholars.  He has been awarded first prize for young scientists from CSA, second prize of National Natural Science Award, The Third China¡¯s Young Scientists Award, Outstanding Young Investigator Award, China¡¯s Ten Outstanding Youth, The First Fengkang Scientific Computing, Advanced Individual of National Key Laboratory Plan of MOST, first prize for Beijing Scientific Technology, National Outstanding Scientific and Technical workers of CAST, Chen Xingshen Mathematical Award of CMS, second prize of International Numerical Analysis Youth Award and Mathematical Prize of TWAS, etc.

Academician Yuan Yaxiang gave an example of ¡°Climbing the mountain blindly¡± to analyze its relation with computer and then introduced the theme of the report ¡°How to resolve decision problem in actual life with computer¡±.  The clever opening intrigued the interests of audiences and narrowed their distance with the academician.  In the report, academician Yuan presented lots of vivid examples and shared his dialectical thinking about mathematics and actual life so that the audiences could have more intuitive recognition for optimization theory and method. 

This meeting enhanced our academic exchange with domestic top experts and promoted audiences¡¯ learning interests of mathematics.  The meeting ended with warm applause from teachers and students and achieved complete success.

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