April 8,2016
National Percussion Music Symposium held in Yuncheng University

From March 18th to 20th, the National Percussion Music Symposium was held in Yuncheng University successfully. Many domestic well-known scholars and experts attended the cross-regional communicating symposium. The experts include Jin Jiguang, the chairman of the Chinese Percussion Music Association; Chen Shaolun, the secretary general and the vice-chairman of Shanghai Percussion Music Association; Xu Langchao, the percussion professor of XiĄŻan Conservatory of Music; Li Yajuan, the percussion professor of East China Normal University and etc.

The Symposium was organized by Yuncheng University, Yellow River Golden Triangle Percussion Association and the organizing committee in Yellow River Golden Triangle of National Youth Percussion Competition. The Symposium was sponsored by the Music Department in Yuncheng University. The symposium was a cross-regional communicating event of percussion music themed by "Make a new start of the three provinces and four cities; Create a new brilliant future of percussion musicĄ±. The activities include the founding conference of Yellow River Golden Triangle Percussion Music Association, four lectures, a state-level intangible cultural heritage percussion music concert and a percussion music concert.

The great event attracted many mediaĄŻs attention and was reported timely. The media include China central television (CCTV), Yuncheng broadcasting and TV station, Linfen broadcasting and TV station, Weinan broadcasting and TV station, San Menxia broadcasting and TV station, Music Weekly and etc. The reports promote the influence of this symposium; also showcase a better image of Yuncheng University.

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