June 28,2016
Zhang Jinzheng, Deputy Director of the Fine Arts and Process Design Department, Visits Hansung University for Academic Exchange
Recently, an academic mission from the Department of Fine Arts and Process Design of Yuncheng University, led by Zhang Jinzheng, the Deputy Director, has visited Hansung University(HU) for academic exchange and signed two cooperation agreements.
The delegation, including Li Li, the Deputy Director, and Han Chuangding, the Dean of Teaching and Research Section, was received by Li Xianghan, the president of HU, while attending an international conference organized by Korea Society of Basic Art (KSBA). During the meeting, the leaders of HU introduced the schoolĄ¯s general situation, guiding principles, curriculum provision, etc. and Zhang also gave a brief introduction of our department and the school.
Both sides granted their consent to the form and trend of international joint school, and consequently signed two agreements on student and academic exchange program respectively, which strengthened the friendship and cooperation between the two schools, expanded the teachersĄ¯ and studentsĄ¯ academic exchange, and promoted their educational and cultural development.
Based on this, a preliminary agreement was made on three HU professors visiting Yuncheng University for teaching and academic exchange purposes in November this year, and exchanging two students for a six-month tuition free learning in March next year.
In addition, the mission also visited the following departments: Visual Communication, Product Design, Animation Image, and Fine Arts, which were then investigated and studied from the aspects of course design, laboratory construction, stuff arrangement, so on and so forth. Meanwhile, they had a frank and in-depth exchange with their counterparts with respect to principles in talents training, school-running facilities, the construction of teaching stuff, student management, logistical services and other aspects.
This visit enables two sides to deepen their mutual understandings and enhance the friendship, laying a good foundation for exchanges and cooperation in the future.
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