September 28,2016
Artists from both China and Abroad Visited Yuncheng University for Academic Exchange
Academic Seminar Impression of Shanxi, Beauty of China was convened at Grand Hedong Hall, Yuncheng University on the afternoon of September 23th. Artists from Russia, England, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, and China were invited. More than 300 people attended the seminar, including teachers and students from Department of Fine Arts and Process Design, Yuncheng University, art teachers in primary and middle schools who are on block release funded by National Training Plan, and amateurs of calligraphy and paintings in Yuncheng.
The seminar, cosponsored by Department of Fine Arts and Process Design, YCU and Shanxi Fangzhi Print Institute, aims at integrating into the cultural trend of harmoniously symbiosis for shared prosperity advocated by the Belt and Road Strategy, at stimulating the minds and broadening horizon of the teachers and students, and at strengthening international exchange and cooperation between Department of Fine Arts and Process Design, YCU and other arts institutes and organizations so as to promote application-oriented development of Fine Arts Specialty and lay foundation for the development of creative and cultural industry.
At the seminar, artists from different countries shared their arts philosophies and their creating approaches, which gave a new experience of vision and material to the attendees. Zuev, professor in Fine Art Department, College of Social Education in Nizhny Tagil, Russia showed his creation process via video; Based on years of teaching experience of arts, Professor Martin, from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, University College Gent, Belgium, discussed the importance of creative thinking and the effective training methods; Mr. Ford, fellow of the Royal Society of Painter and Print-makers (RE), shared his experience of integrating special skills in his artistic creation. Mr. Wu Bin, president of Shanxi Fangzhi Print Institute, proposed that: ¡°the development of creative culture industry should be based on the folk, native and national characteristics, which is of great significance for the improvement of recognition and distinctive national features of the artistic works. The indigenous cultures are the source of continuous development and innovation.¡±
After the speeches, the artists had an active interaction with teachers and students from the Department of Fine Arts and Process Design, YCU. And then the attendees watched and enjoyed the works of these artists, from which they said they benefited a lot. Led by Zhang Wenju, a teacher in the Department of Fine Arts and Process Design, YCU, the artists visited the fine arts training base of the department, and they had a deep discussion of the print-making and the prints by teachers and students. The artists spoke highly of the artistic works.
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