October 31,2016
Professor Rita Susovsky, Vocal Music Educator from Italy, visited Yuncheng University for Academic Exchange
On the morning of October 17th, Professor Rita Susovsky, a vocal music educator from Italy, came to Yuncheng University for academic exchange. Vice President  Liang Yongping, Director of Foreign Affairs Office Zhang Qingwen and Director of the Music Apartment Yang Yongbing warmly received her.
Born in a family of music, Professor Rita Susovsky had learned piano in her early years, and then studied vocal music. She was considered as one of the most famous artist who was active in the worldwide opera stage in the 20th century. Now she is the Director of the Opera Department and honorary professor of Giuseppe Tardini National Academy of Music from Italy. She has been engaging in vocal music education and training a large number of talents who has received international awards frequently.
President Liang warmly welcomed the arrival of Professor Rita Susovsky. And Liang said Professor Rita Susovsky¡¯s experience made us feel her elegant demeanour as an expert with profound musical talent. The essence of music is to express the truth, goodness and beauty, and music is the expression of human heart. Italy is a country of music, and the most influential is ¡°My Sun¡±, especially Pavarotti¡¯s singing which wins great popularity in China. President Liang said ¡°O sole Mio¡± in Italian which means ¡°my Sun¡± in English, and impromptu recited the lyrics: ¡°How splendid the sunshine is and how clear the sky is after the storm¡­as if the Sun is shining. And her eyes are always the most beautiful in my heart.¡± Upon hearing President Liang¡¯s clear and beautiful voice, Professor Rita Susovsky could not help humming the melody of the music, which created a warm scene.
President Liang introduced the situation of school running of our university to Professor Rita Susovsky. Founded in 1978, Yuncheng University now has 50 majors and over 20000 students. Internationalization is one of our school running policies, and our university has academic exchange activities with more than 20 universities from over 10 countries. He pointed that Professor Rita Susovsky¡¯s guidance will greatly promote the development of the Music Major in our university, expand the international horizon of teachers and students, and enhance their professional skills. From 2016 to 2020, our university will send 100 teachers to study abroad, and we also want to send some teachers to Italy to study. We hope that the two universities could establish cooperation relations through Professor Rita Susovsky. The in-depth cooperation between the two sides would promote the development of the two universities. At the same time, we also warmly welcome teachers and students from Italy to have academic exchange and in-depth cooperation.
Professor Rita Susovsky expressed her thanks for our warm reception. She said that she was very happy to come to Yuncheng, this beautiful city. And last year, she came to China and made lots of friends. This time she came to China as a visiting scholar. And she also showed her thanks for our warm reception representing the President of Giuseppe Tardini National Academy of Music. She said that the President of the Academy of Music hoped to cooperate with our university in percussion music, folk instruments and so on. They warmly welcomed teachers and students of our university to go to Italy to study, and hoped that the two universities would have a good cooperation.
Finally the two sides exchanged gifts. Professor Rita Susovsky will have a personal opera show in our university and she will guide the performance of the teachers from our university and besides she will make an academic report for the teachers and students.
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