May 18,2017
Professor Guo Aiping from Taiyuan University of Technology Attends ¡°Moral Lectures¡±

 ¡°One language starts a way of your life; however, bilingual ones reveal various possibilities.¡± At 3:00 pm on May 9th, invited by Department of Foreign Languages, Prof. Guo Aiping from Taiyuan University of Technology attended ¡°Moral Lectures¡±, and delivered a special report titled ¡°College Students¡¯ Foreign Language Learning and Native Language Literacy¡±, and attracted our students in her lecture.
 ¡°Any limitation in language means a restriction on one¡¯s vision and life.¡± As her lecture begins, Prof. Guo expounds the importance of their foreign language learning from the perspective of personal development. Starting from etymology, meaning and phrases, by ordinary words and vivid stories, she made our students learn that different nations have their different language habits and styles. Then, Prof. Guo Aiping poses a question of ¡°the relationship between input and output in one¡¯s foreign language learning¡±. By more detailed research data, she shows out her own view, ¡°Native language is the ceiling of foreign language learning.¡± She points out that native language plays a key role in foreign language learning, and conducts a detailed analysis on how to learn a foreign language in a more efficient way. She also mentions the conflict and contradiction between untimely foreign language learning and native language literacy. She emphasizes on focusing on negative transfer of native language and development of native language literacy, as well as difference between native language acquisition and foreign language learning. Taking Qian Zhongshu, Yang Jiang, Howard Goldblatt, etc. as examples, Prof. Guo shows the mutual promotion of bilingual literature to students. As she believes, American sinologist, Howard Goldblatt¡¯s creative compilation endowed Chinese literature with a literary flavor of contemporary British and American literature, which promotes Mo Yan¡¯s win for the Nobel Prize in literature. Prof. Guo also discusses and analyzes the current situation of colloquial written language with the students. Whereby, she proposes her own advice and aspirations on foreign language learning and native language literacy, and also emphasizes that reading is a shortcut for improving one¡¯s native language literacy and foreign language learning aptitude.
Finally, Prof. Guo earnestly counsels that, ¡°Fine reading, namely, active reading, not only benefits reading itself, our job and career, but also keeps our mind vigorous and growing!¡± Her profound knowledge and vivid speech deeply touched students¡¯ hearts, and inspired their strong interest in languages, especially native language learning.

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