June 29,2017
The Fifth International Conference of CCCS2017 Held in Yuncheng University
The Fifth International Conference on Cryptography and Cloud Computing Security (CCCS 2017) was held in Yuncheng University from June 17 to 19, 2017. The conference was held by Zhang Fengqin, Chair of the Organizing Committee, with more than 170 experts from universities and scientific research institution present, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong University, The PLA Information Engineering University, and Guangzhou University.
The conference is co-sponsored by Cipher Algorithm Committee of Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research, Privacy Committee of China Confidentiality Association, and Key Laboratory of Information Security Technology (Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory), and is hosted by Yuncheng University.
Professor Yao Jihuan, the Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, welcomed the guests and expressed sincere thanks to them. Then he introduced the long history of Yuncheng City, and Yuncheng University. Professor Pai Dingyi, chairman of the conference, presented the preparation and organization of this conference.
There were 20 academic reports on the conference theme Post Quantum Cryptography and Blockchain Technonlogy, including four invited lecture as Decentralized Blacklistable Anonymous Credentials with Reputation by Professor Xu Qiuliang of Shandong University, Development in Multivariable Cryptography Research by Professor Tang Shaohua of South China University of Technology, Bitcoin and Fiat Digital Currency by Professor Wu Qianhong of Beihang University, Practical Key Agreement Protocol Based on Lattice Reduction by Professor Zhao Yunlei of Fudan University. Other 16 experts also presented their lextures on topics including lattice theory in post quantum cryptography, Homomorphic Encryption, distributed ledger technology (DLT) & Blockchain and so on, which offered a academic feast to the attendees.

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