November 8,2017
Joint Training Base of MBA Set Up Between Shanxi University of Finance and Economics and Yuncheng University
On 24th October morning, guests from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SUOFC), including Liu Weiqi, President the University, Yang Youzhen, Vice President of the University, Shen Peilong, Dean of School of Postgraduate Education, Yao Xiaoming, Dean of School of MBA Education, Liu Chenzhou, Secretary of School of Postgraduate Education, Xiao Zhichao, Director of Division of Development and Planning, and Li Quesheng, Vice Director of the President’s Office, visited Yuncheng University, conducting an onsite investigation on and offering guidance to the foundation of MBA Joint Training Base between the two universities. The contract signing ceremony and the seminar on the base-foundation was held in Meeting Hall 1505 at 8:30, with Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, Xue Yaowen, President of YCU, Feng Ruiming, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, and Huang Jieyu, vice President of YCU, leaders from Department of Economics and Management and Department of Research, postgraduate supervisors present. The meeting was hosted by Vice Present Huang Jieyu.
On behalf of the University, Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, expressed warm welcome to President Liu Weiqi and his party and introduced the weaknesses and difficulties in the development of YCU, as well as future development plan. Yao pointed out that YCU establishes a firmly socialism orientation in education, and attaches great importance to both the Party building and internal development to realize three-step development strategy, with localization, applicability, internationalization and informatisation as her guiding principle. The Party improves her guiding ability, and advances university development with six plans as fosterage of spirit, assemblage of talents, upgrade, excellence, consolidation, and integral development.
Professor Huang Jieyu, Vice President of YCU and the Principal of the Joint Training Base, introduced the supervisors, specialties concerned, experiment platforms and discipline development opportunities as well as base-construction plan.
Professor Shen Peilong, Dean of the School of Postgraduate Education gave an introduction of postgraduate education in SUOFC; Professor Yao Xiaoming, Dean of the School of MBA Education introduced brand perception, training objectives, training procedure, and faculty members of MBA education in SYOFC in detail
Yao Xiaomin, Dean of the School of MBA Education, and Huang Jieyu, Vice President of YCU, leaders of the Training Base from both sides, signed the Joint Training Agreement, with Liu Weiqi, President of SUOFC, Yang Youzhen, Vice President of SUOFC, Yaojihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, and Xue Yaowen, President of YCU as witnesses.
With the nameplate Unveiled by President Liu Weiqi of SUOFC and President Xue Yaowen of YCU, the Base was inaugurated. Yang Youzhen, Vice President of SUOFC announced name list of the 8 supervisors, and President Liu issued Credentials to the supervisors.
Afterwards, President Liu, on behalf of SUOFC, extended congratulations to the foundation of the Base and thanks to YCU for the strong support to SUOFC and to the foundation of the Base. He also introduced the history, the mission, and developing goals of SUOFC. President Liu said the Base is a belt between the two universities through which the two universities, both at a transitional period and advocating science and aiming to build a unity of teaching and scientific research, can build a bright future together in the time and opportunity of Double Top Strategy of China and 1331 Strategy of Shanxi Province.
President Xue of YCU expressed welcome to President Liu and his party and thanks to SUOFC for their continual support of YCU. Xue pointed out that YCU has made great contribution to the development of economy and society since its foundation 39 years ago and its upgrading from junior college education to undergraduate education 15 years ago. At present, the extension development of YCU has been completed and connotative development should be the priority. He expressed thanks to SUOFC again for setting the Base. President Xue said that YCU will support the development of the Base with talents, apparatuses and financial support, which can accumulate great experience and lay solid foundation for YCU to apply for postgraduate education program. Xue also introduced the preparation and the planning of the program.
   After the meeting, President Liu and his party, led by President Xue and Vice President Huang of YCU, visited the Base. President Liu, Vice President Yang, and Professor Shen Peilong, Dean of School of Postgraduate Education, offered great suggestion to YCU on the construction of the base and of YCU.
    School of MBA Education of SUOFC is one of the great MBA schools with the greatest potential in China, and was awarded as one of the 50 most valuable MBA schools in China. The foundation of the MBA Joint Training Base in YCU will strengthen the supervisor team, and will lay solid foundation and gain valuable experience for the application for postgraduate program of YCU as well, which make great contribution to the cultivation of top talents for China.

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