January 18,2018
Honors Taken by YCU Teachers in the Province Teaching Contest of Guidance on Careers and Entrepreneurship
YCU Teacher Zhang Xiangrong won the first prize and at the 2017 Province Teaching Contest of Guidance on Careers and Entrepreneurship, and Liu Yanfang, Wang Yahong, Yan Chunyu, Wang Guilin, Chen Xue, Zhao Tingrong won the second prize and Yuncheng University the Excellent Organization Award.
To enrich the teaching contest of the curriculum of Career and Entrepreneurship Guidance and improve the teaching ability, and strengthen curricula and teaching staff construction, the contest was organized on January 6, 2018 in Taiyuan, according to the documents Jin Edu. Employment (2017. No. 11) and Jin Edu. Employment (2018. No. 1). Based on recommendation of universities and evaluation of the Contest Committee, there are altogether 10 first prizes, 20 second prizes and 19 third prizes. 8 colleges won excellent organization prize.
The prizes taken is an approval of YCU’s work on students’ Career and Entrepreneurship, and a higher standard for the work next year. To organize teachers to participate in the contest can strengthen communication between universities, improve teaching and research ability and strengthen the construction of teaching staff, at the critical time of the implementation of policies of career and entrepreneurship guidance.   

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