March 13,2018
Conference on the Construction of “1331” Project and Discipline Promotion Held at YCU
On March 12, Conference on the Construction of “1331” Project and Discipline Promotion Held at Meeting Room 1515 to deploy the priorities of the term. Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, Xue Yaowen, president of YCU, and Huang Jieyu, vice president of YCU attended the conference, with all deans of teaching departments, secretaries of the Party branches in teaching departments, academic leaders and leaders of administration departments present. The conference was hosted by vice president Huang.
At the first stage, Professor Li Xin, dean of Life Science Dpartment, Professor Sun Weifeng, dean of Department of Economics and Management, Professor Yao Chenzhong, academic leader from the Department of Applied Chemistry, and Professor Chen Huarong, dean of Department of Political Science and Law, talked about their experience in disciplinary building.
Vice president Huang presented the progresses and achievements in the implementation of “1331” project, and deployed tasks of the project in 2018. He asked the leaders to make overall plan to lay sound foundations for projects application, discipline building and cooperation of discipline, research and production and others aspects to promote the “1331” project. Detailed requirement were offered for Department of Science, Technology and Industry, Development and Planning Department, Department of Cooperation and Exchange, Office of Academic Affairs.
At the second stage, academic leader Doctor Yang Gaoge from Music Department, Doctor Hu Yunhong from School of Mathematics and Information Technology, Professor Zhang Qiyao, deputy dean of Hedong Culture Research Centre, and Zhu Haiyun, Dean of Assets Management Department, talked about the situation discipline planning and building. Teng Hongmei, Dean of Department of Science, Technology and Industry deployed discipline building. She said discipline building should be based on right orientation and scientific planning, staff construction should be strengthened to provide intellect support, discipline platform construction should be promoted to lay sound foundation and academic achievements should be attained through discipline building. 
President Xue Yaowen attached great importance to discipline building of YCU and said that cultivation of qualified students depend on qualified academic achievements. Competition between any university is fundamentally the competition of academic brain. He hoped that everyone should have sense of crises by quoting Deng Xiaoping’s words “no disputation, only development”. He said the only way to stand out is in bring academic brains into play to build discipline, thus to promote “1331” project via qualified academic achievements. He asked the leaders to keep a good orientation in discipline building and select appropriate academic leaders. He said, leaders of teaching departments should respect academic brains and provide opportunities for the staff of academic exchange and self-improvement, meanwhile, evaluation of the academic staff should be rationalized. He finally encouraged all the enjoy the arduousness and happiness of hard-working and the value of ourselves.
Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, appreciated the practical conference atmosphere and the vigorous spirits of the attendants. He asked all to orient the work to university goal to guarantee healthy and sustainable development, to solve principal contradiction such as discipline and specialty orientation, work procedure and standard, and encouragement and restraint with a global viewpoint of the university development. He stressed that the fundamental way to get excellent academic achievements is in the emancipation of ideology, in the organizing system, and in the cultural ecology. At the key stage of YCU reform, beautifying environment, purifying the political ecology and optimizing academic ecology is the critical points for further development. He hoped secretaries of the Party branches could learn a major course to become a specialist in their departments or specialties, and the administrative department should enhance sense of service to strengthen macro guidance, to offer support in policies and simplify the work flow,  providing support and platform for teaching and academic research, thus to promote connotation construction and development of YCU.

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