March 22,2018
Teachers and Students of Thailand Searching for Chinese Culture Visited YCU
A party of special guests of teachers and students from Thailand are present on YCU campus recently.  
At the meeting, president Xue Yaowen welcomed the guests and made a brief introduction of YCU. He said Yuncheng is where the origin of traditional Chinese culture is. He hoped that the both parties can learn from each other through communication to promote civilization fusion. Zhang Qingwen, dean of Office of Foreign Affairs, YCU, and Wang Yingjie, Dean of International Education School, hoped that the guests can have a profound feeling of Hedong Culture via communication in the coming week.
The Chinese Culture Tour of Thai guests to YCU and YCU High School is to promote exchange and communication between teenagers of two countries, so to enhance the friendship and strengthen cooperation between the two. They learned about Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, pottery ornament, Five-Animal Exercises, Chinese traditional music instruments and local opera and Guan Yu Culture, and communicated with students of YCU High School. The teaching pattern of YCU High School teachers took Thai guests into genuine Chinese traditional class. Teachers and students of both sides came to know each other and developed into deep friendship because of different cultures. Thai guests visited the Slat Lake, the Cemetery of Emperor Shun and Guan Yu Temple to enjoy the distinctive Hedong Culture.
Thai guests, with words “encounter with China” on their uniforms, were beaming with joyfulness of happiness. While experiencing glamour of Chinese culture, they are also experiencing life, and close tie with China was formed during the visit.

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