August 28,2018
"Discipline Cluster of Characteristic Agricultural Products Development" Approved as One of the Second Batch of Innovative Discipline Cluster Construction in Service Industry of Shanxi Province
On August 21st, 2018, Education Ministry of Shanxi Province announced the list of the second batch of ¡°Advantage Discipline Climbing Plan¡± and ¡°Innovative Discipline Cluster Construction Plan in Service Industry¡±. ¡°Characteristic Agricultural Products¡¯ Development Discipline Cluster¡± of YCU was approved.
The successful acceptance is the result of the whole school¡¯s hard work. And it has undergone communication review, on-spot defense, construction demonstration and other links. Professors from the Departments of Life Sciences, School of Mathematics and Information, Department of Economic Management, Department of Applied Chemistry have given support and cooperation to the application of the discipline cluster.
Li Xin, director of the Department of Life Sciences, and Professor Sun Yuanlin are in charge of the discipline cluster. The discipline cluster takes food science and engineering as the major subject, agriculture and biology as the supporting subject, chemistry, applied economics, computer science and technology, business management, mathematics and other disciplines as the participating subjects. Focusing on the advantages of Yuncheng local agricultural products resources, they propose three directions of construction: processing and storage, quality control, product marketing of characteristic agricultural products. Based on the development needs of agricultural industry in Yuncheng City, the discipline cluster will focus on solving the key problems such as insufficient scientific and technological support and lack of human resources which restrict the development of local characteristic agricultural products industry.
Taking the characteristic agricultural products as the breakthrough point, the discipline cluster gives full play to the advantages of the discipline, platform and talents the college. It will train applied and compound talents to serve the development of local agricultural products industry; provide related technologies such as production, processing and storage of agricultural products; offer consulting services on brand building, marketing strategies and development strategy of local agricultural products. In line with the transformation and upgrading of agricultural industry in our province, the discipline cluster meets the basic needs of ¡°high moral values establishment and people cultivation¡± and ¡°docking needs, accurate training¡± construction purposes.
For accurate orientation and mutual support among disciplines, the approval of the discipline cluster will benefit the optimization of the discipline structure and formation of characteristics of disciplines. It accords with the development orientation of our university and it can further promote the rapid realization of the connotation construction of our university.
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