April 22,2019
Glad Tidings: Professor Li Xin and His Team Won 2017 Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Awards
Shanxi Provincial Government released the document Resolution on Award on the Progress in Science and Technology in 2017 recently, and Professor Li Xins Project Biodiversity and Screening of Halophilic Bacteria with Hydrolytic and Antimicrobial Activities from Yuncheng Salt Lake won the Third Prize in natural science. The project is the only prize awarded to newly founded university in Shanxi Province, which means a genuine breakthrough in the Provincial Prize for Natural Sciences.
For years, Professor Li Xin and his team, funded by national and provincial Natural Science Foundation, as well as university fund for doctors research start-up,  devoted themselves to the project of exploration and application of the microbial resources in extreme environment of Yuncheng Salt Lake, aiming at the biodiversity and screening of halophilic bacteria, analysis and preliminary application of the metabolite and fruitful results were achieved. 15 research papers were published, among which 12 are in SCI journals, and a academic monograph was also published. It is of great importance in enriching the banks of biological species and genome resource and deepening the understanding of specific ecology system.
Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Awards was established by the government to those people and organizations who have made great contribution to the progress in science and technology development. There are altogether 170 awards in 2017. The award to Professor Li Xin and his team is also a mirror of the potential and ability of Yuncheng University in discipline construction and scientific research. The Party Committee and Administration of YCU always attache great importance to fundamental research, sci-tech innovation, and support the development of young teachers. And the university will continue encouraging and supporting all teachers in their scientific research to provide manifestation of YCUs strong prowess in scientific research, and make contribution to the development of local industries and economy.



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