June 11,2019
Professor Zhu Liping from Renmin University of China Visits YCU for Academic Exchange
From 12 May to 14, Professor Zhu Liping, a doctoral tutor from Statistic and Big Data Research Centre, visited Yuncheng University for academic exchange by invitation. On the afternoon of 13 May, Prof. Zhu gave a lecture titled The Value of Statistics in the Age of Big Data at Classroom 4106 of Wangtong Building. The lecture is hosted by Zhang Chongwu, vice dean of Maths and Information Technology School, with teachers and students from Maths and Information Technology School and Department of Economic Management.
Professor Zhu Liping has long engaged in the research of the theory and methodology of statistics, and made important contribution in statistical analysis of high-dimensional and ultra-high-dimensional data and semi-parametric regression model statistical inference. His research was funded by the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation of NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) and was supported by Young Top Talent Program of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University by Ministry of Education.
Professor Zhu firstly introduced the development of statistics in Renmin University and the basic concepts in statistics and the function of statistics in the age of big data. His lecture illustrates whether data analysis in dig data age is full sample analysis through data collection and data analysis, and explains whether correlation analysis could replace cause-effect analysis as well as the function of statistics in big data collection. Professor Zhu explained the puzzling concepts and questions through  vivid metaphors and examples, which benefited the audience a lot.
After the lecture, head of the teaching and research section of applied statistics, teachers of statistics and teachers of big data exchanged thoughts on teaching and academic research, and students communicated thoughts on learning, postgraduate entrance exams and employment with Professor Zhu. The two-hour lecture ended up with warm applause.
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