July 1,2019
Conference of Yuncheng University--Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences “Processing of Featured Agricultural Products” Key Laboratory Construction of Shanxi Province Was Held at YCU
The projects of “Processing of Featured Agricultural Products” key laboratory construction of Shanxi Province was approved in 2006 and Life Science Department of YCU worked as a cooperative part. The conference was held to improve the lab construction of YCU, with Xue Yaowen, President of YCU, Huang Jieyu, vice President of YCU, Teng Hongmei, Dean of Department of Science, Technology & Industry, Liang Jianqiang, Secretary the party branch of Life Science Department, and Li Xin, Dean of  Life Science Department, Sun Yuanlin, academic leader of the discipline, and other teachers present.
Vice President Huang firstly introduced the leaders and experts present, and expressed thanks to the Shanxi Institute of Processing of Agricultural Products for their support in the construction of the Lab. President Xue welcomed the experts form Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and then he introduced the history of Yuncheng University, as well as the discipline construction and academic research. The said that the orientation of YCU is to provide service to the development of Yuncheng in various industries, and therefor the key point of academic research is built around the processing of featured agriculture in Yuncheng. He hoped that Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Yuncheng University could further cooperate and exchange in the field.
Professor Li Xin, the dean of Life Science Department, introduced the development, the construction and development plan of the key discipline Food Science, as well as the achievements attained, he hoped that more support could be offered by Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and cooperation could be further strengthened.
After the conference, experts from the academy visited YCU large academic instruments platform, comprehensive innovation lab, and key discipline construction lab to get a clear picture of the construction and development of platform for Food Science discipline, Professor Li Xin introduced the construction plan and investment to the project, which gained approval and appraisal form the experts.
Exchange and cooperation between Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and YCU were greatly improved through the conference, which gives experience to YCU in Provincial Key Laboratory project application and construction.

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