August 8,2019
Yuncheng University Co-organized the 5th Energy Storage Engineering Conference

The 5th China Energy Storage Engineering Conference was held at Zhengzhou, capital city of He’nan province during July 19 to 21. The conference was sponsored by Energy Storage Engineering Committee of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC) and Editorial Department of the journal Energy Storage Science and Technology, and Yuncheng University worked as one of the co-organizers, with experts, scholars and technicians and students from more than a hundred universities and companies from China and overseas. Xue Yaowen, president of YCU worked as vice president of the conference committee and award presenter to the Excellent Poster Award winners at the closing ceremony.
China Energy Storage Engineering Conference, a now authoritative academic platform of energy material and equipment exchange, starts its journey in 2015 and is held every four years, aiming to improve the exchange of energy storage science and technology, and the practical application of academic research, the innovation of energy storage engineering, as well as to nurture young talents in the field. Energy storage technology industry is one of the most important strategic new industries in the 21st century, and plays a very important part in the field of new energy automobile, and  renewable energy. The conference invited Qian Yitai, Dai Liming, Li Changming, Zhang Suojiang, ect, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to give lecture. The conference discussion are set in 9 sub forums including forums on lithium ion battery, fuel cells and electrocatalysis, energy storage battery of the next generation and so on to show the new achievements in the field of energy storage, power battery, and key materials concerned, and to discuss the scientific and technological problem.
The conference advertised Yuncheng University through posters, and a dozen teachers and 4 postgraduate of YCU took part in the conference with Wang Xuege, the Party Secretory of Department of Applied Chemistry, YCU. Qiao Jinli, a guest professor of YCU and a professor of Donghua University, gave a keynote speech with the tittle Ultra Thin High Strength/High Conduction Basic Anion Exchange Membrane for Energy Storage, and Doctor Gong Qaojuan of YCU was invited to gave a speech on Preparation of Nonmetallic Oxide/Doped Composite Electrode Catalyst. Papers of Teachers and students of YCU, Gong Qiaojuan, He Yongqan, Liang Yunxia and Sun Xiaoling, were selected in the abstracts of the conference papers, and papers of Chang Tong, Liang Yunxia and Sun Xiaoling were posted and Liang got a the Excellent Poster Award.
Teachers and students of YCU further understand the advanced development in energy storage engineering and its academic research through the conference, and consciousness of industry-study-research integration is strengthened, their horizon broadened, which will play a positive part in the academic research, discipline construction and talents nurturing in the development of Yuncheng University.

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