October 16,2019
Debriefing Held on the Construction of YCU as an Authorized Institution Offering Masters Degree
On the morning of September 11, the debriefing on the construction of Yuncheng University as an authorized institute offering Master’s Degree was held at Meeting Room 1505 of the Administration Building. The briefing was hosted by Xue Yaowen, President of Yuncheng University, with Zhang Zhiqiang, Dean of the Degree Management & Postgraduate Education Division of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, Li Xiaobo, Investigator of the Department of Science, Technology and Informatization, and Associate Director of 1331 Development Plan Office of the People’s Government of Shanxi Province present. 
Vice President Huang Jieyu of YCU reported the construction achievements of YCU, including the construction plan and organizational guarantee, construction achievements and measures taken, follow-up construction plan, and the necessity and urgency of the construction of master degree offering institute. Directors of postgraduate education in Food Processing and Security, Electronic and Information, Chinese Language and Literature, and Finance reported respectively discipline construction for postgraduate education in detail.
Dean Zhang Zhiqiang praised the achievements of YCU and suggestions were also offered: first, requirements of document issued by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council should be strictly followed; second, the development need of Yuncheng and the Golden Triangle Development Zone of the Yellow River should be included in the discipline construction; and active and prudent measures should be taken in the application, advancement, information exchange and achievement report of the master degree institute construction. Li Xiaobo speak highly of the debriefing. He said the report spoke more from micro perspective, and less from macro, more detailed measures and less reasons, more solutions and less difficulties, and more methods and less demands, revealing the solid preparation of the construction of YCU.
Yao Jihuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, said that YCU has an urgent for master degree education as a relatively young university in Shanxi Province, and it is of vital significance in the development of the University. Since the application for the master degree education authorization, the whole university set its work around the construction, including departments reconstruction, talents recruitment, more investment on academic research, and enhancement of discipline characteristic, and the year of 2009 was featured as the master degree education construction year in YCU. He said, “we are confident and determined to pass the audit of the construction work in 2020 with the whole university contributing to the construction work.
President Xue Yaowen asked all the departments of YCU devote to the construction work with the countdown of audit in 2020 in mind, implementing the requirements in the leader’s from Shanxi Provincial Education Department and Secretary Yao to live up to the expectations of the leaders in Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Government, to make sure that the construction missions be completed, push forward the development of Yuncheng University.
In January 2009, the construction plan of YCU as an master degree education institute was approved in the expert argumentation conference, and the whole university set their work around the construction work in 2019 so as to get approved in the audit in 2020.
Zhang Fengqin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of YCU, Yue Peng, Vice President of YCU, and deans from Postgraduate Education Management Office (Discipline Construction Office and Department of Science, Technology and Industry), Personnel Department, Department of Cooperation and Exchange, Developmental Planning Department, Planning and Finance Department, as well as directors of master degree education disciplines were present.

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