November 28,2019
Volunteers from YCU Worked in the Fourth Shanxi (Yuncheng) International Fruit Trade Expo
The Fourth Shanxi (Yuncheng) International Fruit Trade Expo was inaugurated at Yuncheng Agriculture Convention and Exhibition Center on October 21. The Expo was co-organized by Yuncheng Municipal Government and China Fruit Marketing Association(CFMA), and forty volunteers from Yuncheng University was responsible for the service work. Deputy General Secretary of Party, YCU, Zhang Fengqin, vice president Huang Jieyu, Dean of Cooperation and Exchange Department Gun Wenlong, and  Secretary of Youth League Committee, YCU, Chu Haiping went to the Centre and expressed their solicitude to the volunteers.
The Expo, with “Yuncheng Apple Shaking Hands with the World” as its topic, aims at opening up to the outside and catch up the international standard, upgrading the fruit industry with the export criteria and improving the development of fruit quality, thus to make fruits of Yuncheng market to the whole country and be known in the world. Beside fruit exhibition, the Expo includes meeting with guests, fruit production-marketing matchmaking, Wangrong County Itinerant Exhibition, Summit Forum of World Fruit Development Trend, Contract Signing Ceremony, News Conference, New Orchard Machinery Exhibition, Observation Tour of Modern Orchard, Local Art Performance, as well as Opening and Closing Ceremony, showing an international, scientific, and efficient exhibition.
Volunteers from Yuncheng University worked hard in their service work and abide by the work arrangements and the rules and regulations with high volunteerism: Dedication, Fraternity, Mutual-aid and Progress. They willingly bear the burden of hard and monotonous works and worked with great efficiency to complete all the tasks and projects, which gained great appraisal from both the sponsors and people for all circles. 



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