December 26,2019
Annual Symposium 2019 on the Nutrition and Processing of Oats and Buckwheat Held in Yuncheng University
To further strengthen discipline construction and improve innovation and scientific research, annual Symposium 2019 on the Nutrition and Processing of Oats and Buckwheat, co-organized by Yuncheng University and Agrotechny Research Centre of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, was held in Yuncheng University. Xue Yaowen from October 27 to 29, president of YCU, Huang Jieyu, deputy president of YCU, Zhang Jingzhong, researcher and general director of the General Office of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Professor Hu Xinzhong, Dean of Processing Research Centre of National Oats and Buckwheat Industry, attended the symposium.
President Xue gave a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony, and said, the special characteristic advantages of agriculture in Shanxi gives rise to the development of minor grain crops, and as a local university, Yuncheng University bears the duty and responsibility to make contribution to the development of agriculture in Yuncheng, even in the whole province. And the native- and applicable- oriented development of YCU and the aimed construction of the four key discipline cluster, including 2018 approved Provincial Discipline Cluster of Characteristic Agricultural Products Development, in which the discipline of Food Science and Engineering is also approved as one of the key projects of the provincial “1331” development plan and one of agricultural development projects with the provincial major support. Xue hoped that the staff of YCU could take the advantage of the symposium to strengthen the communication and cooperation with experts, thus to improve the development of industry-study-research, making contribution to agricultural development in Shanxi.
On the morning of October 28, experts from research institutes and universities including those from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Jiangsu University, etc., gave their lectures on the topics of processing of whole grain oats as the staple food, processing cereal as drinks, research and development of highland barley, research on glucan,protein in tartary buckwheat as blood glucose reduction ingredient. Associate Professor Liu Riu from YCU gave a lecture on the antioxidant ingredient found in the phenolic acids in buckwheat. After the symposium, experts communicated with attendees in the forums for Doctors and Masters, innovation of processing research institute.
During the symposium, scholars and experts also visited the platform for discipline Food Science and Engineering of the Department of Life Sciences, YCU, and expressed appreciation on the achievements of YCU in agricultural products processing and quality control, characteristic agricultural products processing and preservation, nutrition and safety of food, as well as in research on the featured agriculture resources.
Teachers and students of YCU further understood the academic frontier of processing and nutrition of oats and buckwheat, which broadened their horizon and improved their willingness to carry out industry-study-research cooperation, thus further to improve the construction of Food Science and Engineering discipline, and the quality of talents nurturing.
More than one hundred, including Teng Hongmei, dean of Department of Science, Technology and Industry, Li Xin, Dean of Life Science Department, Ma Guogang, vice dean of Life Science Department, Sun Yuanlin, academic leader of Food Science and Engineering discipline, as well as experts and scholars from tens of universities and research institutes, employees from food processing companies and some students of YCU, attended the symposium.





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