December 26,2019
Robot Team of YCU Made Great Achievements in North China Five Provinces (Cities and Autonomous Region) Robot Competition
North ChinaFive Provinces (Cities and Autonomous Region) Robot Competition was held successfully in Beijing Information Science and Technology University from November 15 to November 17, with more than 1000 teachers and students from eighty-six universities taking part in the competition, including those from Peking University, Tianjin University of Technology, Hebei University of Engineering, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, etc.. Four robot teams from Yuncheng University took part in the competition and they won two second prizes and two third prizes.
The competition is sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, Shanxi Provincial Education Department, and Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and organized by Beijing Information Science and Technology University, with í░AI + •Innovation +í▒ as its theme, including fourteen kinds of contests, including Wushu Challenge Competition, AI and Innovative Robot Design, Robot service (domestic service and logistic service), Underwater Robot.
Team members of Yuncheng University communicated and cooperated with each other to prepare for the contests in their spare time under the guidance of their teachers. And they kept calm to deal with various emergencies to compete with each contestant, trying to play their best in the competition. After the competition, students from YCU communicated with those from Peking University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to learn from each other. Students broaden their horizon and improved their practical skills in robot design and application, in communication, and enterprising spirit and team spirit are nurtured as well.
Yuncheng University has been deepening the reform in innovation and entrepreneurship and actively exploring the talents nurturing system in the integration of í░Study-Competition-Innovationí▒ to strengthen the nurturing of engineering application ability and establishment of innovation platforms for studentsí» development. The competition achievements also show the achievements of practical education reform in YCU.
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